At Robbins Children’s Programs one of our main priorities is to help our children and families create meaningful memories together during their educational journey with us. As the holiday season approaches, child care centers play a crucial role in shaping the festive experiences for young children. Beyond the daily routines and educational activities, this time of the year offers a unique opportunity to create lasting memories that will be cherished by both children and their families.

Here are just a few of the holiday experiences we create at Robbins.

  • Holiday Classroom Door Decorating: Each classroom works on making a bright and colorful holiday door for their classroom. The children have input into the theme of their door, with support from their educators, and help in the creation of the door. This experience fosters a sense of pride and ownership when they see their door completed and can show it to their families at the beginning and end of each school day. Teachers take their classes for walks around the building to share in the creativity of the other classrooms.
  • Homemade Ornaments: The children also make homemade ornaments and 3D projects to display around the building. The students often lead their grownups for walks around the building to show off their creations. Families get to see the different styles of artwork that their children experiment and explore with during their day.
  • Cultural Diversity: We are proud of the cultural diversity we have at Robbins Children’s Programs and work to foster that pride and appreciation every day. During the holiday season we reach out to our families to ask about their experiences and traditions and work together to incorporate them into our curriculum. We always strive to ensure that our students see and recognize themselves and their families in our learning experiences. Some of the winter holidays we have touched on in the past are Yule/Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, New Year, and more.
  • Family Memories. Beyond the special experiences and memories created in the classroom, Robbins staff develops opportunities to create memories as a family. Our holiday season starts with the Thanksgiving Feast which takes place the week before Thanksgiving. Children in the Preschool program decorate placemats and reflect on what they are thankful for. On the day of the feast the children get to have their lunch experience in a beautifully decorated room and try some of the foods that may, or may not, be traditional on their own Thanksgiving table.
  • Holiday Fair. The Holiday Fair is an opportunity for the children and families to have fun as a family unit at their childcare center. It is a time where the children can experience activities such as face painting, crafts, cookie decorating and receive a book when visiting with Santa at no cost to the families. It is also an opportunity to raise funds for the Robbins Charitable Fund by offering food sales at the Café, Bake table, Kids Shopping room and a Basket raffle.  All proceeds support the needs of children and families throughout the year.
  • Cookie Decorating Party. On the last afternoon before our holiday closure. families are invited to join their children to watch a short holiday movie together in our play lobby. Afterward families and children head back to their classrooms to decorate sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles. This has been a wonderful way to close out the holiday season enjoyed by the children, their families, and staff alike for many years.

The holiday season at a Robbins Children’s Programs is not just about festivities; it’s about creating meaningful and lasting memories that contribute to a child’s overall development. By incorporating diverse traditions, fostering creativity, and promoting togetherness with families, we can play a pivotal role in shaping positive holiday experiences for children and their families. As we celebrate this special time of the year, let’s remember the impact we can have on the lives of young ones by creating those moments.

Here are some suggestions for creating memories during the winter break.

  • Color a coloring page together
  • Cut paper snowflakes
  • Make a fort to cover the living room
  • Watch a favorite movie inside the fort
  • Build a snowman (real or a craft)
  • Donate old toys & books to a local charity or daycare
  • Do a puzzle bigger than you’ve ever done before
  • Write a thank you letter for a favorite gift
  • Play board games
  • Look at photos from the year
  • Make English Muffin snowman pizzas
  • Have a Hot Chocolate party
  • Create a Holiday Card collage
  • Visit La Salette Shrine holiday lights
  • Visit Capron Park Zoo
  • Take a class at the Attleboro Arts Museum
  • Visit the Attleboro Industrial Museum
  • Go to the movies
  • Go bowling
  • Go hiking at Oak Knoll Audubon Sanctuary
  • Have fun together!