Cultivating a Hands-On Passion for Learning

Each and every program at Robbins Children’s Program implements a developmentally appropriate,
highly interactive STEAM approach and philosophy throughout our curriculum.

What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is an educational approach that integrates these subjects into a cohesive learning experience. In elementary education, STEAM activities aim to encourage children to explore and experiment with these subjects in a hands-on and interactive way, promoting creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

In a STEAM classroom, for example, students might be asked to design and build a simple machine that incorporates principles of physics and mathematics while also considering the aesthetics of the design. Another example might be using technology to create digital art or using artistic methods to represent scientific concepts.

STEAM activities can be designed to be age-appropriate and engaging for young learners. Teachers can use various teaching strategies to facilitate STEAM learning such as inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, and problem-based learning, which allow students to work collaboratively and independently on open-ended projects.

The integration of STEAM in elementary education is aimed at preparing students for future careers that will require a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. STEAM education provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the 21st century workforce.

At Robbins, a curriculum with STEAM based activities provides hands-on and minds-on lessons for each student, and challenges gifted children.

By exposing students to STEAM and giving them opportunities to explore STEAM-related concepts, they will develop a passion for learning.

Our Programs

Onsite, Center-Based Programs

Robbins Children’s Programs offers on-site full day childcare at our early childhood education and learning center in Attleboro, MA.

Our Pre K and preschool classes, lessons, and activities offer a diverse set of experiences to support your child’s intellectual and emotional/social growth.

Parents have peace of mind and confidence knowing that their children will be nurtured and given opportunities to grow and develop through a balance of learning and fun.

Our goal is to provide a secure, stimulating environment which is especially important for preschool age children encountering their first experience away from home. Our focus is to provide each child with attentive, individualized care that ensures their happiness, health and development.

Our belief is that play is the foundation for learning and our environments are carefully planned to promote exploration and creativity. Examples include large magnetic panels on the walls in every classroom that are used with a variety of materials such as magnetic wooden blocks and magnetic tiles. Some of the rooms are outfitted with Lego and felt board walls.

  • Ages 2.9-K
  • 125 Child Capacity
  • Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children


  • Year-Round
  • Before and after public school sessions.
  • Full days during public school breaks, including holidays.


  • Toilet training
  • Nutritious snacks & lunch supplements


Preschool curriculum philosophy is guided by Teaching Strategies Gold, which is used together with Ages & Stages Developmental Questionnaire to assist our educators in preparing progress reports and assess social emotional development at least every 6 months (checkpoints 3x a year).

Preschool classrooms score Level 3 out of 4 on Quality Rating & Improvement System (Fewer than 5% of all licensed child care in the Commonwealth have achieved Level 3 or higher.) which is a method to assess, improve, and communicate the level of quality in early care & education and after-school settings, and is created and monitored by the Department of Early Education and Care.

RCP’s Preschool Program also offers PreK Classroom (Sunshine Place) as well as a classroom supporting the learning of part Day Kindergartners and children who just missed the age cut off date with more challenging curriculum (Duck Crossing.)


Preschool programs have been funded through the Department of Early Education and Care’s highly competitive Universal Prekindergarten grants for twelve years, and participate in the Quality Rating Improvement System state initiative.

The Sensata Foundation Grant Funding enables a focus on coding and STEAM related activities as well as an Hour of Code celebration to take place year-round in our Preschool and School Age Programs.


5 days per week $55.50 per day (up to 10 hours per day)

Before and After School Programs (BSP and ASP)

Why leave your child in the care of a babysitter or nanny before or after school, in the summer or during school vacation week?

Enrich your child’s life and give him or her the benefits of Math, English, and other-subject homework help or a tutor.

You can complete the steps necessary to enroll your child in advance, so if the need arises, your child can participate in one of our programs and there won’t be a lot of paperwork or other steps necessary to have them join us!

  • Full day kindergarten
  • First through eighth grade
  • NAEYC accredited through Grade 3
  • 142 Children Capacity


  • Before and after public school sessions
  • Full days during public school vacations and holidays.
  • As-Needed Basis


Our School Age Program participates in the Quality Rating Improvement System state initiative and has a concentration in STEAM curriculum.

School Age classrooms have content aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and have emphasis on STEAM initiatives and are self assessed at QRIS Level 3. There is a dedicated Maker Space to support children’s interests in STEAM.


The Sensata Foundation Grant Funding enables Hour of Code activities to take place year-round for School Age Programs.


All Schools except Brennan, Willett
5 days per week $44.50 per day

Brennan, Willett
5 days per week $35.50 per day

AM only, All schools
5 days $25.50 per day

PM only, all schools except Brennan, Willett
5 days $37.50 per day

PM only, Brennan, and Willett
5 days $30.00 per day

School Closure Days – Including School Vacations and Summers
5 days per week $52.00 per day (up to 10 hours per day)

Transportation to and from schools is included in rates

Family / Home Child Care

Family Child Care/home daycare is an alternative to center-based Infant and Toddler Programs.

Each Family Child Care (FCC) home is unique and offers its own individual curriculum.

FCC homes can provide a more homelike setting, with schedules that are more responsive to the needs of our youngest children for feeding, sleeping, close contact such as holding, cuddling and rocking as well as curriculum for early interests and play opportunities.

Robbins Children’s Programs currently has 5 licensed home-based daycare/childcare providers in the Attleboro area.

  • Independently Licensed Homes
  • Infants & Toddlers
  • Ages 4 Weeks through Preschool
  • Up to 6 children per single provider
  • Up to 10 children per provider with approved assistant


  • Arts & crafts
  • Sensory activities
  • Fine & gross motor activities
  • Science and Math learning opportunities
  • Nature walks
  • Water play.


  • Prepared meals


RCP’s Family Child Care coordinator supports the providers and families with ideas for curriculum, assessment of development, referral for emerging needs and connections to other collateral agencies and services.

All FCC homes participate in the Department of Early Education and Care QRIS Initiative, and use Ages & Stages Developmental Screening Tool as one if the components of children’s progress reports.

Our Family Child Care/Daycare providers participate in the Quality Rating Improvement System state initiative and use Ages and Stages Screening Assessments. Home-based Family Child Care/Daycare offers a small teacher/child ratio and informal schedules to reflect the needs of our youngest children.

Robbins Children’s Programs supports our home-based family child care/daycare providers with the services of a Home Visitor to enhance curriculum needs and parent communication.


Older than 2 years, 5 days per week, $52.00 per day

Younger than 2 years, 5 days per week, $57.00 per day


Preschool Program
5 days per week $55.50 per day (up to 10 hours per day)

Before and/or After – Public/Private School Days

All Schools except Brennan, Willett
5 days per week $44.50 per day

Brennan, Willett
5 days per week $35.50 per day

AM only, All schools
5 days $25.50 per day

PM only, all schools except Brennan, Willett
5 days $37.50 per day

PM only, Brennan, and Willett
5 days $30.00 per day

*Transportation to and from schools is included in rates

School Age Vacations – Public/Private School Closure Days
5 days per week $52.00 per day (up to 10 hours per day)

Family Child Care
5 days per week, Older than 2 years, $52.00 per day

5 days per week, Younger than 2 years, $57.00 per day

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Parent Communication System

Procare makes it easy for your child’s teacher to share real-time information about your child, giving you an unparalleled view into the caregiving events, learning experiences, discoveries, and accomplishments that make your child’s days with us so special.  Your child’s teacher uses Procare Software® to share photos, videos, and daily reports with you securely via email, or via the free Procare Software® for iOS or Android devices.

As a parent or guardian, you can use Procare Software® to enter morning drop-off notes, complete your child’s daily health screening, mark your child absent, and share anything else you want your child’s teacher to know.

Each classroom has an iPad mini® or iPod touch® that is solely for use with the Procare Software®.  Rest assured that the confidentiality of all information will be maintained through the powerful security features built into the Procare Software®.

We Offer Transportation!

RCP provides transportation to our preschool/daycare center, school age before and after school programs, and our home-based family care/daycare programs on six agency vans.

We are the only child care provider in the area to offer transportation for families with a documented service need.

  • Please call for part time availability and rates for all programs
  • Hours over 10 per day require approval and will be billed at an additional $5/hour
  • Late fee assessed for pick up after contracted time
  • Late fee assessed for failure to meet bus at scheduled time
  • Late fee is $1/minute in increments of 5 minutes

To / From Home
$12.00 per day (2 way)
$ 9.50 per day (1 way)